Kids Ministry

What do the kids do?

Connect with our worship time

We keep our kids with the adults for the first part of our worship service. We know that kids who feel like a part of the larger church are more likely to stay connected to church as they grow older. They can sing, dance, and participate in the worship music in any way they want!

Fun Singing and Dancing

Please note: we've had to put this on hold due to COVID, but we look forward to it re-opening at some point! Part of the kids' teaching time is actually singing and dancing! They can learn Bible stories through song as well, and kids love to sing and dance when they have absolute freedom to do it.

AGE-targeted teaching

We have lessons geared towards the children's ages, with two age groups to help them focus into the biblical teaching and lessons

Create Fun and joy

There are various activities the kids will take part in from week to week, like crafts and other creations that help them express themselves and work together with others, having fun and learning about God the whole time.


If you want to connect your kids with our kids program, you can register them now! That will make your Sunday experience smoother.