Small Groups

Small groups...

Build community

As our church grows, there are going to be people that we don't know. But we're still a church family. Small groups help us build that family intimacy and connectedness. A church made up of individuals is not nearly as united as a church made up of small groups!

Develop accountability

There's no better way to grow as Christians than to be accountable to each other. Small groups allow us to do that in a safe, intimate environment.

Study together

Enhance your walk with God by studying His word together! Deepen your faith and understanding, alongside your small group members. 

Create Fun and joy

Small groups provide an opportunity to relax and fun together. Interact in a way that you don't always get to on a Sunday morning. Getting real with your church family can be as enjoyable as laughing together!

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If you want to plugin to our church family through a small group of some sort, just reach out to us here!

    We are a church of small groups!